Because we stayed in Makati and were only in Manila for one full day, all our suggestions are oriented around this neighborhood!


  • IRVINS Salted Egg (★★)
    • Technically this is a Singaporean treat, but we love their fish crisps so much, we recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it! True story: we’ve been in several countries where we saw someone with the yellow and black striped bag. Thinking there might be a store there, we’d ask where they bought it and would be told they got it from Singapore!
  • Hummus Elijah (★)
    • On our last night we decided to stay in and get delivery. Their pillowy soft pitas went perfectly with their smooth hummus and hearty shakshuka.
  • Manam Comfort Filipino (★)
    • There’s a number of locations throughout the city, but we we went to the one at Greenbelt, which had instant outdoor seating despite the line. Despite looking nothing like the menu photos, their sisig was crisp and light with a touch of acid. The ube + sago smoothie was a perfect way to finish the meal.
  • Tap Station (★)
    • Lots of foreign beers on tap at reasonable prices, the vibe and ambiance will make you feel like you’re back in Williamsburg.


  • Bonifacio High Street (★)
    • We met friends at Abe’s for dinner and this neighborhood really transported us back to the states! It was a lively place to stroll through after a full meal.
  • Greenbelt (★)
    • Yes, another mall, but whlie Bonifacio was young and hip, this one is geared towards luxury. What we enjoyed most was the natural greenery lining this mall.

OTY’s ★ Rating System
Our rating is similar to the Michelin guide, but applied to attractions as well as restaurants.  Most places won’t be Michelin-priced as we’re on a budget, and sometimes a star may reflect exceptionally good value (like free!).  Since we don’t like to be negative, we don’t include any places that we wouldn’t recommend.
(★★★) Exceptional attraction/cuisine, worth a special journey. Wish we could go back again!
(★★) Delicious and/or delightful, this spot is worth a detour.
(★) Good pitstop, especially if you’re in the area.