Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

KL is so much cooler than we anticipated. It’s a vibrant city that feels like a mix between HK and Singapore, with lots of culture, good food, and fun sights. We hope to be back soon!


  • Jalan Alor Night Food Court
    • Super fun (and crowded the later you go), this place is bustling with sit-down spots and fruit stalls and all sorts of tasty treats.
    • Wong Ah Wah (★★): Most people get their famous chicken wings, but on the left end of the restaurant are two guys frantically fanning a narrow and long stove covered with lamb, beef, and chicken kababs. A minimum order of ten, but you can mix and match your options. I was blown away these were some of the most delicious skewers I’ve ever had, and the beef was just out fo this world. Each skewer was threaded with a pocket of fat which raised it to another level of deliciousness. Their peanut dipping sauce wasn’t even necessary, but didn’t hurt.
    • Fruit Stall (★): Right next to the W.A.W. kebab stall is a fruit stand where we got a kilo of mango every night. They’ll even slice it up for you if you ask nicely. Other fruits to try are mangosteen and durian! The prices here are probably a little more expensive due to tourists, but for the convenience and tasty factor we didn’t mind.
  • Kedai Mamak Husin (★)
    • Delicious, cheap and casual 24-hour eatery. Tender tandoori chicken and fragrant milk ginger tea!


  • KL Bird Park (★★)
    • Even if you only like birds a little, if you love animals, this park is such a cool way to get up close and personal with birds of all sorts. We saw dozens of peacocks, several of them with their tailfeathers up! We fed ostriches leafy greens and watched parrots and lories fly about. We watched kites snatch bits of meat out of the air. Their bird show is adorable as well. There are plenty of shaded areas, but because its outdoors avoid going during the hottest part of the day.
    • >Pro Tip< Check the feeding schedule on their website to make sure you are there to catch some of the action!
    • >Pro Tip< You get pretty close and personal with the avians, so I wouldn’t wear your finest frocks.
  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (★★)
    • This museum is beautifully curated and really enhanced our understanding of the rich Muslim culture. We saw a few miniature mosques we had seen in person and added a few more to our future trip list!
    • Across the street is the sprawling and angular-looking National Mosque of Malaysia.
  • SkyBar @ Traders Hotel (★★)
    • No cover charge, but the cocktail prices match the sky-high view. Try to nab a cabana by the windows to get your best photo taking opportunity and watch the fountain show light up. The coolest part is you’ll find that the top half of the window is open to the air so you can get that great shot of the Petronas towers.
    • >Pro Tip< If you’re there in the earlier part of the night, you can probably get away sitting at a reserved table and offering to move when the time comes.
    • >Pro Tip< Wednesdays are Ladies’ Night, which means all persons without a Y chromosome get a free overly-sweet cocktail drink!
  • Batu Caves (★)
    • Go here as early as you can because not only will the road leading to the main gate get congested, the colorful stairs will get congested with people as well. Be mindful of the monkeys, keep any food zipped up in bags before you make the ascent.
  • Royal Selangor Visitor Center (★)
    • Do you know what pewter is? Yeah, we didn’t really either until we detoured here after Batu Caves. They have free walking tours where you can learn about the history of this brand and see how pewter is made. They also have workshops where you can make your own item and an extensive gift shop, but prices are steep.
    • >Pro Tip< They also have free shuttles to certain hotels, so give them a call to see what their schedule is like.
  • Jamek Mosque (★)
    • Did you know Kuala Lumpur means muddy confluence? This mosque is located in the intersection of KL’s two rivers. We peeped it in the quiet morning on our walk to the botanical garden, but were a little too early for their free tours (which are from 10-12am).
    • At night, the mosque and rivers light up. Every 15 min there’s a fountain show with music.
  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building (★)
    • In conjunction with the Jamek Mosque, we walked around this old Mughul-inspired building. Sadly, Dataran Merdeka was fenced off.
  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (★)
    • KL is home to lots of malls, and if there’s one you feel you need to visit, this one is particularly shiny and filled with all the brands you could think of. They usually have spectacular decorations in their atrium.

OTY’s ★ Rating System
Our rating is similar to the Michelin guide, but applied to attractions as well as restaurants.  Most places won’t be Michelin-priced as we’re on a budget, and sometimes a star may reflect exceptionally good value (like free!).  Since we don’t like to be negative, we don’t include any places that we wouldn’t recommend.
(★★★) Exceptional attraction/cuisine, worth a special journey. Wish we could go back again!
(★★) Delicious and/or delightful, this spot is worth a detour.
(★) Good pitstop, especially if you’re in the area.