Great Ocean Road (Victoria)

Great Ocean Road (Victoria)

A beautiful drive filled with incredible coastline and wild animals, we spent two nights on this road but wouldn’t have minded an extra. I used Stef Ferro’s very clear and well outlined post when planning our drive, I recommend you check it out here. We saw our first kangaroo bounding across the road at dusk and experienced all sorts of crazy weather: hail, to bright shining sun, and winds ready to blow us off our feet. It truly is great.


The sights are listed in the map below from West to East (because that’s how we took our trip). A lot of them are similar but you won’t regret taking more stops: they are stunning. The road is well-signed with parking lots and nice pathways to photo lookouts, so even if you don’t visit the ones we did, keep your eyes peeled for whatever piques your interest and make sure you keep to the left!

  • Childer’s Cove (★)
  • Grey River Road (★★★)
    • Want to see king parrots? Want to see koalas? Want to see glow worms? This road has them all. We came here twice: once at dusk to see glow worms, which is a decent drive up the road – we failed, but did see our first koalas and a wallaby.
    • Then we returned in the morning to feed the parrots and spot more koalas. Kafe Koala sells bird seed, so we recommend buying the bag and saving it as you’ll see wild cockatoos and parrots everywhere. The parrots will hop onto your arm and eat out of your hand. We saw cockatoos at Teddy’s Lookout, and they were shyer although still enjoyed the seeds. Please don’t feed human food to them, we don’t want them to get diabetes too!
  • Anglesea Golf Club (★)
    • If you go earlier in the day or later in the evening, you might catch tons of roos hopping about. Unfortunately for us there weren’t any, but they have a tour where you’re guaranteed to spot kangaroos (we got our fill of them at the two animal sanctuaries we visited in Port Douglas and Tasmania).


  • Apostle Whey Cheese (★★)
    • Free cheese tasting because you will undoubtedly want to bring a wedge with you back. They’re super friendly and you can watch happy cows outside your window with a cup of coffee.
  • Dairylicious Farm Fudge (★)
    • Free tastings of the tons of flavors, the owner is a lovely woman with lots of local tips to share.
  • Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery (★)
    • Big, new, and air-conditioned, this spot is colorful and modern and you can taste their white, milk, and dark chocolate chips any time. We sadly just missed their tasting tour, which would’ve included a tasting of their finished chocolates

OTY’s ★ Rating System
Our rating is similar to the Michelin guide, but applied to attractions as well as restaurants.  Most places won’t be Michelin-priced as we’re on a budget, and sometimes a star may reflect exceptionally good value (like free!).  Since we don’t like to be negative, we don’t include any places that we wouldn’t recommend.
(★★★) Exceptional attraction/cuisine, worth a special journey. Wish we could go back again!
(★★) Delicious and/or delightful, this spot is worth a detour.
(★) Good pitstop, especially if you’re in the area.