Frolicking in Florence

Frolicking in Florence

Florence is as fabulous as they all say.  Here were our favorites:


  • Duomo (★★★)

    Duh, of course you have to see this.  It is beautiful in person and there is a lot to explore.  Buy your ticket online and reserve a time to climb the dome (perhaps avoid high noon since you’re climbing in narrow tight places and hot air rises).  Try to reserve time for the museum as well, the nice part about this combo ticket is you don’t have to see all the buildings at once, but revisit throughout the day.

  • Piazzale Michelangelo (★★)

    Check out this place at sunset or even later to see the lights of Florence sparkle below you.  Best of all, its free!

  • Quarant’otto ()

    Take the time to wander and shop the streets and get lost and enjoy!  If you’ve passed over the gold bridge and are looking for a forever keepsake, check this place out.  Home to super delicate, unique, hand-forged jewelry.  Although their jewelry display drew L in, their staff is outstanding.  We had the pleasure of chatting with Giovanni and Miki, who were super friendly and have wonderful suggestions if you’re looking.



  • L’Osteria di Giovanni (★★★)

    If you want to experience the Florentine steak, do it here.  The fairly expensive coportino (a seating tax of sorts) covers your complimentary fried puffs, which remind us of the Chinese crueller “youtiao.”  It also covers your choice of house-filtered still/sparkling water, so you can finally drink enough water to hydrate your long day walking around Florence.  Our 1.1 kg Florentine steak came in a delightful crust, the roasted potatoes salted just so with a touch of rosemary.  (Pro tip: Don’t get anything less than 1kg, because your steak will probably come overcooked.)  We added a side of sautéed vegetables, which was a generous pile of melty Swiss chard.  L was so happy given this was probably the most amount of green she had seen/eaten all throughout our trip.  Even if you have no room for dessert, make some room for the complimentary cantucci and shot of lemon sorbet.  The almond cookie is unreal, soft with just enough crunch, unlike the biscotti rocks we’re used to nibbling on back in the states.  They generously give you a bag of biscotti to dunk into your coffee tomorrow.  Reasonably priced, comfortable seating, make your reservation now.

  • Gelateria Santa Trinita (★★)

    At this point, you’re gonna have to trust us on our gelato recommendations.  Generous portions, priced on the cheaper end, their kiwi gelato was as delicious and flavorful as it is unique.  Line moves quickly.